Beta Uprising

Beta Uprising: Session 1

Getting their feet wet

Five aspiring runners have been gathered by their fixer, whom is only known by the street name of Fate. The team consists of: Festor, the man with too much E-Sports Passion; Naruto, the aspiring weaboo; Tommy Pastrami, the autistic troll; Null, the amnesiac; and Fisherman, the mysterious biker.

After being thoroughly tested to determine team functionality, the team of five were given their first run. Their Johnson prefers to remain an anonymous entity, whilst feeding the team intel and funds. A shipment of unknown goods is being transported into the greater Seattle area within three days. The shipment is to enter UCAS territory through the checkpoint along route 2. Intel states that the convoy will consist of 2 escort vehicles and 1 industrial transport with an unknown number of hostiles.

After much discussion and a small run in with a group of young local Humanis Policlub members, the team made their way to the Snohomish Sheraton where a base of operations was created.

With approximately 48 hours remaining until the shipment arrives, the team looks to create a plans for attack.



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